A project to develop agriculture in Colombia

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Agrapp was born with the vision of revolutionizing the development of the agricultural sector in Colombia. It has focused on making a productive impact, leveraging technology, through the promotion of credit allowances for small and medium-sized farmers.

Its vision is focused on connecting investors with profitable and productive agricultural projects that have helped to structure, execute and manage to achieve better marketing, promoting sustainable practices and the use of more technified processes for crops.

What is Agrapp's strategy to increase the number of farmers with potential and fulfill its mission?

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Agrapp started with a very specific approach of visiting each of the agricultural projects that were recommended to them, and through paperwork and manual processes, they would evaluate the project and then publish it on their platform to connect it with investors. 

They considered starting to implement technology in their processes but realized that many of the farmers were not familiar with platforms or applications. However, they identified that they did have a cell phone and also knew how to use WhatsApp.

With this discovery, together with Truora they worked on a pilot campaign for the registration and validation of farmers seeking financing options through WhatsApp.

The result was that through the automation of conversation flows they managed to register a significant number of potential users, and also minimize risks by including real-time validations such as document and face.

The implementation of this solution not only allowed them to be more efficient in time and money, as well as to optimize processes by not having to visit all projects personally. 

With Truora, they were able to exploit a channel that most of their target audience has access to and knows how to use.

Conversación de WhatsApp, con identificación de documento de identidad

Today Agrapp and Truora continue to work hand in hand with agricultural projects both in three verticals: 

  • Qualification of the application to find the best investor, financing projects such as purchases of invoices through factoring
  • Implementation of flows for the registration of potential investors who want to support farmers by providing opportunities to grow and improve their quality of life, all this through WhatsApp.

By automating processes, Truora seeks to be an ally to boost the economy and the welfare of farmers, allowing access to credit, investment and financing from anywhere without connectivity restrictions or face-to-face procedures, helping companies like Agrapp with high-impact initiatives to grow. 


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