The new partnership aims to automate and streamline the onboarding processes of people who provide services through ASTER in the cases of security, facilities, building maintenance, concierge, and cleaning.

Check Rappi and Truora case

Using Truora's Background Check technology-also known as TruChecks- ASTER will provide greater security and confidence for those who hire its services.  

"Here at ASTER, we believe that Background Checking is a critical step in the recruitment and selection process for any company in the Security and Labor Outsourcing industry. Placing an ASTER employee in a condominium or a client company is a great responsibility and that's why we take the background check very seriously

KYC and AML for your users

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Daniela Ortega - Product Leader at Truora

Bioengineer with experience in software development with application in research, industry and museums, digital signal, images processing and statistical analysis, focused on artificial intelligence applications. Responsible for managing the product team for Digital Identity, leading the launching, implementation and improvement of the product.