Validate your users in minutes: Truora launch Truconnect

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Truconnect allows fintech, proptechs, banks and marketplaces to incorporate new users to their platforms, or recover those who abandoned the registration process via WhatsApp. Truora's already known identity verification and background validation is now in the most used chat app in Latin America.  

Simplify the user onboarding process

With Truora's Truconnect, anyone interested in opening an account or profile, will be able to do in a few minutes from their own WhatsApp the identity validation and background check process, without having to download an extra app or having to complete tedious paperwork or bureaucracy.

Our clients say that the causes why their potential users abandon the registration process halfway through lie in the existence of difficult-to-use channels, requests for printed documentation, and having to agree to wait several business days until they are finally accepted. With WhatsApp Onboarding all of the above problems are defended.

Commented Daniel Bilbao, CEO at Truora.

What can be done from Truconnect?

Through a conversation via WhatsApp, anyone who wants to open an account with their favorite fintech, become a domiciliary, or open a profile in their trusted marketplace as a customer or seller, will have the opportunity to complete the registration process, identity validation, and background check, in minutes and without so many obstacles.

Check Homie and Truora case

For Bilbao, in addition to Truconnect improving the user experience, the solution aims to decrease the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CoC) by 20% for fintech and marketplaces in Latin America, which in most cases would equate to more than USD 120,000 savings per month.

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Simplify the user onboarding process



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