How to ensure a quality database for your CRM? We explain

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The best part of every Truora product is that it is adaptable to many of our customers' solutions. 

Marketing teams are always looking for ways to grow their companies, and optimizing their flows to convert more and more qualified leads from the beginning of the funnel is one of the most efficient strategies. One example is the case of Pistis, a Mexican website that offers a wide variety of products at incredibly affordable prices.

It is characterized by fast and secure shipping, and offers its users a wide variety of payment methods, with total security and easy navigation.

How does Truora help improve lead quality and lower Pistis' acquisition costs safely?

Verifying that the person who accesses each discount coupon offered is different from the previous one, and that the strategy really increases the database, Pistis validates through OTP (One-Time Password), the email and telephone number of its users. 

In this way, they can also reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns once they are launched to the public. 

Thanks to our solution, the Marketing team can be sure that instead of having 30,000 emails without knowing their quality, they now have 10,000 high quality leads. 

Pistis decreased 15% of the acquisition cost of each lead, and now their emails increased their Click to Rate by 20%. 

Integrating our solutions for email, phone and identity verification to your Marketing lead acquisition flows is an excellent Growth strategy that, like Pistis, increases the chances of effectiveness of every inbound campaign you launch from your company. 

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