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Technology is changing the way all types of companies operate today, including the world of recruiting, staffing and hiring. And it is traditional companies who face the biggest challenge in aligning themselves with this reality that is changing the way they do business.

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This is not new information and you've probably asked yourself: what kind of technology does my company need, how can I use technology to improve my processes, do I need a tech-savvy team to do it?

This is the story of how Listos, one of the country's largest and most traditional temporary companies, included new technologies in its operation. By optimizing and standardizing their processes, they stand out in the industry for being the most reliable and secure company in the provision of temporary services, generating value for their clients and partners.

Listos' operation begins when one of its clients has a vacancy. At that moment, the company activates all its recruitment sources to obtain as many candidates as possible. To fulfill its value promise (to be the safest company in the provision of temporary services) it is necessary to validate these candidates and review their backgrounds.

Hire in Latam using Truconnect

Once the candidates' backgrounds are validated, Listos selects only the best and most reliable profiles. These are then subjected to psycho-technical tests and finally affiliated to social security to meet all the conditions required by law.
"We want to be the most reliable expert in the provision of temporary services, preferred for its standard of service and the creation of value for our clients and partners," said a company spokesperson.

Listos operates in 20 cities around Colombia and, like other agencies, is under pressure to execute its processes faster and increase revenue without sacrificing its promise of value and customer service.

Here's a step-by-step look at how we helped Listos strengthen its competitive advantage and streamline its recruitment and hiring processes.

Cutting-edge technology to protect customers

By including Truora as a partner to perform background validations on its candidates, Listos was able to reduce risk on its platform, protecting and maintaining its good reputation. Thanks to a more detailed background validation with our platform, Listos helps its clients protect themselves against fraud while making their hiring processes faster and more efficient.

Hire in Latam using Truconnect

Process Automation

Before its partnership with Truora, Listos had a team of employees manually validating its candidates' backgrounds. Today, with the use of our tool, Truora allows Listos to automate the process without using the same resource. This change has allowed the company to streamline its operation, provide faster service to its customers, and produce happier customers who are more willing to reuse the service and invite more people to get to know it. This, in turn, translates into higher revenues.

Standardization of information

With Truora, Listos found a way to standardize the information obtained in its manual processes. By validating all candidates with the same tool, there is no room for human error. And so the value promise of being the most secure temp in the market is getting closer and closer.

Hire in Latam using Truconnect

Score parameterization for the consulted candidates

Truora allowed Listos to parameterize the score or confidence level obtained on the platform when consulting a candidate according to the needs and priorities of the company. For example, if for a specific Listos client it is paramount that candidates have no criminal or criminal record, but legal processes are less relevant, they can adjust or "play" with the importance of each of these categories and offer a customized validation. Once again, happier and more satisfied clients.

Applicant follow-up

While we were able to automate the background validation process for Listos, our follow-up was intermittent, not permanent. We corrected this when Listos included our alerts functionality in their processes in case their candidates' profiles changed. In this way, we ensured visibility into employee score variations and helped Listos provide greater security to its clients at all times.

Our culture is open and ready for transformation, incorporating best practices


Listos currently performs just over 70,000 validations annually with Truora and has optimized its operations significantly. However, one of the most important changes of this transformation was the API integration. Listos went from being a traditional company with manual processes to reviewing its candidates through web services.

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Hire in Latam using Truconnect

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