This is how Casa Bravo optimizes its Know Your Customer (KYC) processes

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Analyzing the judicial, criminal, international, and financial background of prospects is a fundamental part of a financial institution that seeks to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to prevent fraud.

KYC and AML for your users

This work is done through technologies that automate the analysis of public databases, providing the company with tools to determine with total objectivity whether or not a person represents a legal and reputational risk.  

An example of a use case is Casa Bravo - the first rent-to-own program in Mexico -, which adopted in its innovation strategy technologies such as Truchecks for the background study of prospects, obtaining effective results that allow them to follow the rent-to-own process with their prospects in a much more agile way.

KYC and AML for your users

This is because:

They have greater confidence in decision-making

TruChecks is a tool for automated background analysis that adapts to the decision variables of any company, guaranteeing complete and deep queries, thanks to exclusive features such as names_matching and retries.

By integrating this technology into its operations, Casa Bravo is assured that the results of each person analyzed and on which the final qualification of prospects in terms of reputation and background are based are complete, becoming essential during the decision-making process.

KYC and AML for your users

Your team reduced analysis time

By gaining in assertiveness and speed, they get to analyze as many people as possible, in the shortest time and with greater certainty. It is a great relief in terms of costs and team time to go from a manual validation that takes 5 days to obtain results in just minutes.

They have the necessary support for the analysis of the results

Casa Bravo has been supported by Truora's CX and Product teams for the customization of the Truchecks tool. Making their job of verifying the identity of their prospects easier, and allowing them to focus on their primary activity.

KYC and AML for your users


Background validation is a process that is still done manually in many companies, unaware that this opens the door to the possibility of making decisions based on bias or human error. "With Truora, we can avoid potential risks, criminal and legal issues that our clients might have," concluded a company spokesperson. 👇👇👇👇

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KYC and AML for your users

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