Millions of users have used Rappi safely thanks to Truora

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At Truora, the priority of our teams will always be focused on listening to what the customer's problem is, to start building a product.

That's why we chose to tell you our story with Rappi, which is one of Truora's most successful cases. 

Simplify the user onboarding process

With Rappi we built a product from scratch and scaled it to the point where we turned it into a background check tool capable of supporting all the demand for Rappitenderos (RT) integration requests in Latin America.

How Truchecks became a solution that contribute to the accelerated growth of a company like Rappi? 

The first thing: listening to the client.

In this case, we understood that Rappi's mission is to give access to every user in an increasingly effective way.

And the focus was on continuing to increase the number of Rappitenderos (RTs) supported by the app, while ensuring that each user complies with the security and quality standards that characterize the company. 

Simplify the user onboarding process

Mary Ordosgoitia, Product Manager at Truora, is the best person to talk to about this. She was there from the moment Rappi contacted Truora, and knows closely the integration process of our Truchecks solution, via API.

Mary told us for this post about the early stages of building the product, and what were the biggest challenges the team faced in 2018. 

"We did everything based on feedback. In the year that Rappi contacted Truora, our product Truchecks was in the MVP phase.

It was that time when David (CTO & cofounder of Truora) along with the first engineers, sat down to code and built the whole solution to be able to grow quickly, and well from there the product was stable."


And what was the result?

In the first year, we helped them increase the percentage of Rappitenderos (RTs) who were securely On Boarded by 90%.

Three years later, more than 2 million Rappitenderos (RT) accessed the services of their app from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, securely and quickly. 

And of course, initially, like an MVP, they were finding points for improvement, rules to adding, bases to integrate, etc. But together with Rappi's feedback, a robust and complete solution was created that today has thousands of sources of information for personal and driver background checks. 

But it didn't end there.

Simplify the user onboarding process

Our solution has evolved to adapt to Rappi's needs and growth.

Rafael Prado, Product Manager at Rappi, after all these years, ended up becoming our greatest ally and was the one who told us for this post that thanks to the use of Truora services, Rappi was able to identify risks in the Onboarding of Rappitenderos (RT) and prevent them with our technology, in different countries in Latin America. 

All these thanks to the close support of the Truora team, which helped to move quickly on important issues that generate more security for their processes.

Simplify the user onboarding process

Today we celebrate three years of this partnership. These are our greatest achievements:

Millions of orders have been able to be delivered thanks to the 2 million Rappitenderos (RT) we have helped validate to register them in the app. 

you've probably received one of these orders! 🍕🍔 

We went from a few thousand validations per month to hundreds of thousands.

This is how we increase capacity and decrease the waiting time between a user's registration approval, and their first order. 

Just as legislations have changed over the past few years, at Truora we have also scaled the solution. We added new sources of information for background checks such as the PTP or Permiso Temporal de Permanencia: an administrative authorization issued by Migración Colombia. 

Simplify the user onboarding process

What's next for Rappi and Truora?

Truora's Director of Business Development, Silvio Rodríguez, shared his perspective on the opportunities of this alliance and what it means for the company's growth in the region in the coming years. 

"Our solution adds value to Rappi by combining two fundamental pieces for the company's growth: security and response times for users. We are now on the way to diversifying the use cases of the solution, replicating the background check for Rappitenderos Onboarding, in other areas and countries." 

Simplify the user onboarding process

Do you want to know how we could also increase the conversion rate of new users on your platform? 

We are always looking to provide the best user experience most securely. 

That is why all our solutions for identity verification, background, phone, email, and facial recognition, among others, are integrated into platforms that allow those who finally interact with the tools to live an intuitive, fast and secure experience via WhatsApp, Web or API. 

The case of Rappi is one of the many that you can find in our Blog, related to the use of our solutions via API.

You can also find other fascinating cases of how we have built products tailored to the needs of our customers, and figures of how it has impacted the business, through the most used chat platform in Latin America: WhatsApp. 

Simplify the user onboarding process

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