Proptech Homie increase user acquisition

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By connecting WhatsApp to its onboarding API, Homie increased conversion rates by 30%.

As in any industry, fast-growing startups often emerge when they solve a market inefficiency, and in the case of proptechs, they are here to help simplify the process of real estate interactions in Latam. This is because from Mexico to Chile, there are many bureaucracy issues, security concerns, and overall terrible experiences.

Verify your users’ identity

It is for this reason that Truora teamed up with Homie to further optimize the experience users receive in a pilot project that focused on the peculiarity of users: homeowners and renters with different expectations but needing quick and easy information about their properties at the same time.

Simplify the user onboarding process

From Truora, the teams interviewed end-users, understood their day-to-day conditions (with technology and lifestyle in general), and proposed a new approach: using WhatsApp as a way to not only provide customer service but to incorporate users.

If you are still wondering, why WhatsApp? Then you don't live in any Latin American country.

In Mexico, it is by far our most used communication channel. All "cellular data plans

Simplify the user onboarding process

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