Background check API solutions to fight Latinamerican fraud

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Truora’s simplified approach to a complex challenge: Background Check API solutions.Check Rappi and Truora case

Fraud in Latin America is a behemoth of a challenge for the region. It costs billions of dollars every year and affects the security of millions of people. Truora, a Y-Combinator startup, has taken up the challenge and their main weapon is a set of APIs.

One of those is a background check API used by many companies to hire safely and keep their users safe in a variety of ways. It requires a person’s national Id, which is used to verify their identity, and operates by searching several databases to obtain a person’s both criminal and legal records as well as matching their name with international databases of wanted criminals and media broadcasts regarding criminal activity, additionally, it searches for the person’s healthcare, pension and similar affiliations.

KYC and AML for your users

But it doesn’t only work for people, but also vehicles and companies and it operates in several countries across Latin America.

So, what makes this API so good? Let’s take a closer look:

Easy to Integrate

JSON-encoded responses with intuitively-named attributes and comprehensive documentation makes integration with Truora’s API a breeze.

Check Rappi and Truora case

Simplified background check Scores

One way to summarize the plethora of information returned by the background checks are scores, these grade the person, vehicle or company reliability in several categories like identity, criminal, legal, alert in media, among others.

Scores in the API and its documentation are both easy to understand and use, and allow for effortless processing of the large amounts of information related with background checks.

Customized background check Scores

In addition to the scores generated by default, Truora’s background check API allows the creation of customized scores allowing users to decide the impact of certain findings on a background check result, for example: a user can decide to increase the impact of theft, for instance, on a person’s overall score. Or, a user can decide to overlook a person’s legal background for their overall score. This flexibility allows scores to reflect the user company’s policies and principles regarding background check evaluation.

KYC and AML for your users


Truora’s background check API uses webhooks to notify users and keep them informed of changes in background check statuses, this is especially useful for checks made in batch, since the process can take a long time (about 2 hours per 100 checks) and for continuous checks, a background check option that periodically performs background checks and notifies users whenever the score changes.

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KYC and AML for your users

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