What best background check companies should offer? 5 advices

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Before we dive into our five tips to better use our platform, I’d like to explain why best background check companies think Background Check is so important.

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According to Unisys 2019 Security Index, 69% of people surveyed fear social security identity thefts more than war threats, terrorism and natural disasters. In the US alone, around 14.4 billion people were victim of this type of fraud, which cost an approximate of USD 3.4 billion in 2018*.

The preferred method to steal a person’s identity was the creation of  accounts under the name of the victims. Their names were used for mortgages, student and car loans and of course, credit cards. 

To help you take full advantage of the background check company,  we have listed 5 tips below. Just as a free advice, consider Truora in your list of best background check companies. We more than meet all the requirements below:

Be aware of the object of the Query 

An online background check  platform can be used to verify the identity of new employees, clients, suppliers and partners in every country they operate. If the person or company has an ID or tax number, it’s possible to obtain background information on them. In Truora you can choose the object of the query: financial, criminal, driver´s licence, etc. 

KYC and AML for your users

How long does a background check take

Performing an advanced background check for some companies can take up to 10 working days! No way, in Truora we do it in minutes at the beginning of your recruiting and onboarding processes. You will receive an accurate background check PDF with the results and in that way, you can avoid wasting precious time and you can also have visibility of potential threats to your business to make the right decisions before it’s too late. 

Batch Upload

The best background check site allows for the upload of multiple ID numbers at once. If your company has a long list of people or companies that you wish to verify, it is possible to upload up to 500 data points. Avoid manual data entry and save valuable time. Yes, we can do it also in Truora. ‍

Check Homie and Truora case

Background check alerts

You can create media alerts to stay up to speed on any news regarding a new hire, supplier or partner, as things can change in one day. For example, if a supplier obtains the highest score on their background check today but is involved in some form of illegal activity tomorrow, you’ll receive an update on our tool. This could prevent reputational damage to your brand.

Frequency of a criminal background check

Our final recommendation when using a background check is to do so monthly or every two months to avoid surprises that could harm your business.

Using our platform will give you the peace of mind you need to run your business and will allow us to be a step closer to achieving our goal of eradicating fraud.

*Javelin Strategy & Research 2019 Identity Fraud Study.

KYC and AML for your users


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