International background check in AL, how is it obtained?

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The international background check is a set of queries on a person to verify their identity, confirm that they are who they say they are and thus avoid any type of fraud and yes, it is possible to do Background Check in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil from the United States. 

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What does an international background check show?

International criminal background check constitute an opportunity to know the judicial background of individuals, information about previous jobs and the veracity of the education degrees that the person presumes to have achieved.

Any additional information that is relevant to a company, such as a person's vehicle history (if you want to hire a driver, for example), is also part of this process. In general terms, any information that may jeopardize the reputation or security of the person making the inquiry is consulted and analyzed in an international Background Check, with the consent of the person being examined. 

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How do I do a background check on someone in another country?

At Truora, international background check company, we provide this service online and the results are obtained in minutes. We facilitate and speed up the consultation of multiple databases for international background check in several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

But that's not all. Our platform global background screening allows massive queries of up to 500 people or companies at a time in more than sixty national and international background check databases.

Some of the public databases to get accurate background Check in Latin America are:

  • Procuraduría General de la Nación (Colombia).
  • National Registry of Civil Status (Colombia)
  • National Population Registry - RENAPO (Mexico)
  • Public Vehicle Registry - REPUVE (Mexico)
  • Receita Federal (Brazil)
  • Civil Registry and Identification Service (Chile)
  • National Registry of Identification and Civil Status - RENIEC (Peru)
  • General Directorate of Civil Registry (Ecuador)

International databases that include criminal background check:

  • OFAC - Clinton List (USA)
  • Interpol (Global)
  • FBI (USA)
  • Third party consultation
  • Hiring a search team

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How much does an international background check cost?

That will depend on different factors such as the country from which you want to get the international background check, on which variables and whether the background check will be done via API or not.

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