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Omnichannel is the trend, but  among all the paths you must choose one to lead your customers. That path is WhatsApp, a powerfull ally for your company's customer acquisition channels. In this post, I'll talk to you about that!

WhatsApp, is much more than a simple communication tool; its integration of secure verification processes has revolutionized the way your company can communicate with its customers, ensuring that only authenticated users have access to the services and products you offer.

Combined with its personalized interaction through segmented messages, automatic responses, and its practicality in seamlessly integrating into people's daily lives, it makes it an unparalleled customer acquisition channel.

The 3 main advantages of WhatsApp as a customer acquisition channel:


WhatsApp has always stood out for its robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can access the message content and are protected against possible cyber attacks, guaranteeing user privacy.  

  • But the main news is that it is also possible to integrate it with high-precision digital validators to create a reliable customer base built with authentic data from acquisition.

This ensures data security for your company and builds trust with your customers by ensuring the confidentiality of interactions.

Hyper-personalized Interactions:

Personalization is key to creating memorable customer experiences and, additionally, to acquire customers.

WhatsApp, in it's business version, offers a range of tools that allow you to personalize interactions with your cutomers on another level.

From segmented messages to automatic responses based on specific criteria, you can tailor your communication to meet the individual needs of each customer and guide your leads through the sales funnel at every stage of the buying journey.


WhatsApp's widespread use and familiarity make it an unparalleled customer acquisition channel. With over a billion users worldwide, it provides a unique opportunity to engage with your leads in an environment they already know, use, and trust. 

Its responsiveness on mobile devices and computers means interactions can occur anytime, anywhere, adding an additional level of convenience for both businesses and customers.

The 5 Channels Where You Should Have a WhatsApp Button

Now we'll talk about other, also very popular, channels that are an essential part of a good client acquisition strategy. The interesting part is that in all of them you can add bottons that lead directly to WhatsApp. 

1) Social Media for Engagement and Branding

While everything changes very quickly in the digital world, social networks continue to be an essential channel in 2024, to connect with customers and strengthen the online presence of your brand.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer unique opportunities to interact with your audience, build solid relationships and increase brand awareness.

The key to success on social networks lies in:

  • Creating relevant and engaging content that tunes in with the interests and needs of your target audience.
  • Using tools such as paid ads and sponsored posts to expand the reach and increase the effectiveness of your company's social media strategy.

In both cases, you can place a Click to WhatsApp button!

2) Email marketing for personalization and reach

While speed has changed, the classic email remains a fundamental tool in a professional's marketing mix. Through it, you can offer personalized and relevant content directly to the inbox of your leads and customers.

Smart segmentation of an email list, combined with the use of automation, allows you to send highly specific and timely messages that resonate with each segment of your audience.

Highly scalable and cost-effective, although more efficient in the middle and bottom of the funnel, it continues to have a great influence on acquiring customers and leading them to WhatsApp, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes in 2024.

3) SEO and content marketing for long-term visibility

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing are fundamental pillars for increasing online visibility in the long term.

By creating relevant, valuable and search engine-optimized content, your company can position itself as a leader in its industry and attract high-quality organic traffic to its website.

SEO and content marketing strategies include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Optimization of existing content.
  • Creation of new content. 
  • Link building. 

While this strategy may take a few months to work, once this time has passed, you begin to see the benefits of having more visibility in search results and greater online authority.

A blog that is a reference in your area of action and becomes a place of consultation is an excellent gateway to acquiring new customers and starting a conversation on WhatsApp.

4) Online advertising for quick reach and segmentation

Online advertising offers a quick and effective way to reach a specific audience and increase brand awareness.

Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads allow you to create highly targeted ads that target users based on their location, interests, browsing behavior and more.

There is a wide variety of ad formats, including text, images, videos and interactive ads, giving you the ability to effectively engage your audience to initiate direct conversations.

5) Influencers and marketing

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are powerful strategies to increase brand credibility and reach.

By partnering with relevant influencers in your industry, you can reach highly engaged audiences and leverage the trust that these personalities have established with their followers.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing allows you to expand your reach with partners who promote your products or services in exchange for a commission for each sale generated.

WhatsApp makes their job easier by giving them a clear and direct channel to drive the volume of leads they send to you.

Everything leads to WhatsApp, learn the best practices

And finally, since we were able to demonstrate to you why WhatsApp is the best acquisition channel and how it works in an omnichannel strategy through Click to WhatsApp, what is missing is for you to learn best practices so that you are never penalized on this platform.


Never be inappropriate, take care of the tone of voice, the information you transmit and remember that there are some types of services that are prohibited on WhatsApp.


Before sending messages through WhatsApp, it is essential to obtain the consent of users.

This can be done explicitly at the time of collecting contact information, or through a subscription request on your website or social networks. Respect your customers' privacy preferences and allow them to have control over the frequency and type of messages they wish to receive.

Reasonable Frequency

Avoid flooding your customers with messages, establish a reasonable balance and send messages selectively and timely. Ensure that every message you send is relevant, useful and that it adds value to your customers.

Additionally, consider the frequency of messages and avoid sending them at inappropriate times, such as during the night or working hours.

Offer Subscription and Cancellation Options

Provide your customers with the option to subscribe to or unsubscribe from receiving WhatsApp messages at any time.

Provide clear instructions on how they can do this and ensure that the process is simple and straightforward. Respecting your customers' privacy and preferences will strengthen their trust in your brand and foster a positive long-term relationship.

Be Responsive and Respectful

Establish bidirectional communication with your customers and encourage interaction. Respond promptly to their inquiries, complaints or comments, and demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction.

Actively listen to their needs and concerns, and adapt your strategies accordingly. Additionally, be respectful of their time and space, avoiding sending intrusive or irrelevant messages.

Make WhatsApp Your Competitive Advantage with Truora

WhatsApp has become the central channel that organizes and powers omnichannel strategies. Your company needs to be present on all the channels where your customers are while also providing them with a clear channel so that they do not get lost among so many communication options.

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