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Trii is Colombia’s Robinhood, and will soon be expanding into Peru and Chile, hoping to eventually become the region’s leading retail investment app. 

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In the short time they’ve been in the market, they’ve integrated to the local stock exchanges, allowing their users to buy and sell both local and international stocks, from local businesses to US companies.

Trii´s mission of providing easy access to investment opportunities, will help the population gain more financial education so they can do more with their savings and plan better for their future. 

But what is Trii's strategy to increase the number of users on its App and accomplish their mission?

In a world where all financial services are competing for our attention: which APP do you choose to download, and why? Because let’s face it: we never download them all.

Facing the issue of increasing user acquisition, Trii began creative marketing campaigns, but their growth team soon realized that while expanding the user base through marketing was definitely impactful, they were not doing anything to re-engage already interested users who never completed their flow. 

“On a normal platform 60% of users drop off during onboarding. Why? User’s drop off a flow for multiple reasons, but the main one is usually: distractions. We live in a world of multiple distractors, and forgetting to complete a task is normal.” 

With this in mind, Trii and Truora worked closely on testing out campaigns to re-engage users. And they did this, not through their APP but through WhatsApp.
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By automating different outbound messages via WhatsApp, they were able to recapture the attention of previously lost users. 

The campaigns proved to be great assets: Trii no longer lost all invested cost of bringing in the user to their onboarding flow when they dropped off, and users were happy to answer a WhatsApp message in order to get a premium financial service.

Just in a few weeks, the re-engagement rate was 30% of previously lost users, with 90% successful digital onboarding flows (only 10% were non-apt users). 

Truora will now help Trii on offering more than just user-approval through WhatsApp. We will work on expanding offers and services in WhatsApp automated chatbots, so growth managers can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. 

By authenticating users identity, and automating user acquisition Truora is looking to boost the economy by helping businesses like Trii, to grow. 

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