How to prospect clients via WhatsApp: Learn in 14 tips

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I prospect, you prospect, he prospects. Conjugating the verb "to prospect" is fundamental in marketing. The problem is that we usually see this word as a noun, "the prospect," synonymous with a lead, and not as a verb that increases sales.

Prospecting means exploring future possibilities based on present clues. It is an action that, in the era of data economy, has become increasingly precise.

Today we are going to explain this subtlety so that you learn how to prospect clients through WhatsApp with the best results, which is ultimately what interests you.

Let's dive into the topic!

Difference between lead and prospect

o begin, let's clarify two concepts that are often assumed to be synonymous but have a significant difference.

Both refer to a potential client, but while:

  • A prospect is the result of a projection based on a market study;
  • A lead is a condition resulting from a problem that a person has and that you can solve.

What comes first: the prospect or the lead?

Therefore, to prospect is to define how, when and where will be approach the leads. 

We can also use a timeline to differenciate them. Let´s say we first proyect everything refered to our ideal clients and then we take actions to capture them. 

Market ⇨ Prospect ⇨ Lead ⇨ Qualified lead ⇨ CLIENT ⇨ Fidelization

So, the order is as follows: 

  1. market research;

  2. lead prospecting;

  3. lead capture using the sales funnel;

  4. sale;

  5. *during the sale, support and customer service;

  6. *afterward, all the work of customer retention in the after-sale.

The good news is that WhatsApp is an ideal ally for all of these moments. But let´s stay in the prospecting to understand more detalis. Keep reading! 

Why prospect?

Basically, we prospect to avoid making the main mistake in marketing and sales, inadequacy.

Offering your product to an audience that doesn't have the problem your solution solves. It's like inviting a group of vegans to a barbecue; no matter how hard you try, your dishes will never satisfy that audience.

Therefore, if you have a business based on dishes with animal protein, you already have an element to start prospecting your clients: your product is not for vegans.

Next, we're going to give you golden tips so you can prospect your clients via WhatsApp efficiently and with results.

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How to prospect clients via WhatsApp: 14 golden tips

Let us begin our journey of tips so you can apply this knowledge.

1. Create your buyer persona before prospecting

To begin with, the most important thing is never to work in general; we need a specific client to guide and tailor our actions. For that, there is a tool called a buyer persona that makes a difference in the digital experience.

The buyer persona is a creation of a fictional character based on real information from your customers. It will tell you the tone of voice to use, the best times to send offers, and the main pains of your prospects, among many other data.

Think of this tool as a guide that will accompany you throughout the implementation process of your messaging strategy.

2. Define your customer journey.

Now comes the part of where: at what stage of the customer journey does communication via WhatsApp facilitate or resolve issues.

Don't be afraid of this step because it's not an impossible mission. All you need to do is imagine the entire path your prospect takes from recognizing their distress to purchasing your product.

Ask your buyer persona which social media platform they use, if they search on Google before making a purchase, what do they value most about customer service and support, etc.  That way, you'll know where to place the link to your WhatsApp chat.

3. Think of your messages as content

Many people don't understand it, but literature has its role in performance. For example, it's not the same to simply sell as it is to create a shopping experience that leaves a positive memory in your customer's mind.

  • In the first option, our interest is selfish and without dimension; it starts and ends with our goal, which is to expedite the sale.

  • In the second option, our interest is altruistic, to generate value for the customer so that the purchase is a natural consequence. 

4. Create WhatsApp campaigns in Facebook Ads.

And if we talk about WhatsApp, we also talk about Facebook, as both platforms, along with Instagram, are part of Meta. That's why communication between them is simplified with just 1 click.

Sometimes it may seem like Facebook is already history and Instagram is the present, but the undeniable truth is the strength that the queen of social networks still holds. That's why it's essential to know the age of your buyer persona when choosing the social network you're going to use.

The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to include WhatsApp as one of the communication channels that users can opt for. They see an ad on Facebook, and with just 1 click, they're chatting with you on WhatsApp. A great opportunity, isn't it? You can perform the integration here.

5. Believe in the power of personalization

There's an old saying in marketing that goes: the word people like to hear the most is their own name.

Receiving a message that addresses us directly by our name creates a more direct relationship and increases the chances of it being read, as well as satisfaction with the attention received.

Don't forget that security is one of the main topics; personalization works because it creates a kind of more intimate and trustworthy bond. Plus, it can be automated.

6. Create an omnichannel communication

And to continue, there's the famous omnichannel, which we could define like this: all roads lead to your WhatsApp!

Think about it, we're in an era where we have to think about communication engineering; if you master that, you've already covered 80% of the journey.

Nothing better for a customer than giving them the option to move from one platform to another without feeling the difference. For that, you'll need a platform that integrates all channels and allows you to manage them from a single dashboard.

7. Hold giveaways.

Now let's go to classic ideas for capturing WhatsApp numbers and generating communication between your company and the audience you have targeted.

You already know where they are, how old they are, how to reach them, it's time to create a focal point to get discovered. It's time to give away a sample of your service/product.

For example, you can give away a discount or a giftcard in products, it's a way to create a prize that won't cause you extra shipping expenses. Make providing a phone number a condition and offer a direct link to your WhatsApp.

8. Invest in loyalty techniques

Write this down: it's cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. The logic of loyalty is relationship marketing, a non-invasive marketing type that focuses on creating a bond to nurture and educate customers so they can make better use of their money.

The more familiar they are with your company, the better they buy, and the more their money is worth! To give an air of exclusivity, nothing beats a VIP group or mailing list for certain customers, notifying them of promotions. Nobody minds messages that help them save money.

9. Offer "limited" samples.

In the chapter of mental triggers or psychological triggers, we have a classic: the sense of urgency. Add to that a well-built contact list and a connection through WhatsApp.

For a limited time, last products, until stock runs out, the first 100, only today until 23:59, among other phrases, convey that sense of urgency that precipitates a decision.

10. Create a product catalog in WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for prospecting clients. One of its standout features is the ability to create a product catalog. By having your products and services organized and easily accessible within the application, you significantly increase the visibility of what you offer.

When a potential customer contacts you, this catalog acts as a virtual storefront, allowing them to explore your items efficiently and attractively. This strategy not only enhances the customer experience but also streamlines the sales process.

11. Configure automatic messages in WhatsApp Business.

Automatic messages in WhatsApp Business are essential for maintaining fluid and efficient communication with customers. These messages can be configured to respond to common inquiries or to offer self-help options when you are not available.

For example, an automatic message can guide customers to choose options based on their needs, such as information about products, assistance with orders, or speaking with a representative. This strategy not only optimizes the sales flow but also enhances the customer experience by providing quick and relevant responses.

12. Have exclusive offers for WhatsApp customers.

To increase the effectiveness of your sales on WhatsApp, consider designing exclusive offers for your customers on this platform. Following the principle that consumers prefer to buy from brands that offer personalization and recognition, you can create a group of special offers for new customers.

This not only makes them feel valued but also fosters loyalty toward your brand. Make sure to obtain their consent before sending these offers to maintain a respectful and professional relationship.

13. Promote your WhatsApp channel on other platforms.

To maximize your reach on WhatsApp, it's vital to promote this channel on other platforms. Include a WhatsApp icon or link on your website, social media, marketing emails, and other relevant platforms.

This strategy not only informs your current and potential customers about your presence on WhatsApp but also facilitates their access to this communication channel. By directing traffic to WhatsApp, you increase sales opportunities and provide a direct and efficient channel for customer interaction.

14. Use chatbots to increase your productivity.

And finally, the golden advice: use chatbots to increase your operation without having to spend a lot of money. Are you afraid of not being able to keep up with responding to messages or of not being able to implement these tips?

Well, the good news is that now is the perfect time for a chatbot. Put it to work for you 24/7 so that your prospects don't slip away and can reach you without any issues.

Engage your audience through WhatsApp

We've reached the end of this post where we told you how to prospect clients through WhatsApp and gave you tips for successfully converting them into customers. We hope you find them useful and can apply them. Trust your dedication, and for any questions, you know you can count on us.

Start engaging your audience using WhatsApp today and take your business to another level!

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