How to reach new customers with WhatsApp Marketing?

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Before giving you options to answer your questions about how to reach new customers using WhatsApp, it is important to understand that today the importance of creating marketing strategies through this channel is due to important factors such as the number of users and the savings in time and money.

Below, we will explain you much more about this topic that will be of your total interest:

Why use WhatsApp for your business?

These are some of the facts that will give you a broader scenario on why you should use WhatsApp for your business:

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In addition to these statistics that show the number of users of this app, it is important to recognize that there are other facts that add prominence to this strategy in your marketing plan.

According to data from the web portal Statista, more than half of WhatsApp users check their messages daily.

Forbes magazine has been emphatic in stating that the opening rate of messages sent by WhatsApp is 98%, which means that out of every 100 messages received, 98% are opened.

Another important reason is that 53% of users say that they would buy more easily from companies that can communicate through this chat.

benefits of Whatsapp marketing

In the same line of thought, we will now tell you about the benefits of Whatsapp marketing:

4 Benefits of using WhatsApp for your business

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1. Creates a deeper relationship with your customers

This deep relationship is built both ways, on the website of Meta, the company that controls Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, it is presented that in a survey conducted by them where they were seeking to understand what people felt when sending a message to a company, it was found that 66% of respondents said they had more confidence in the brand, while 55% said they had a better personal connection from the messages.

These data reinforce that by using WhatsApp in your marketing strategy, the relationship with your current and potential customers will improve, as they see in this channel a more reliable way to communicate with you.

2. Improves your Conversion Rate

Improving the conversion rate is without a doubt the most frequent and the most concerning objective of all companies. But in order to perceive improvements, you have to make new strategies that perhaps your competitors have not yet explored.

In this last argument, is where using WhatsApp, becomes essential to make a difference in the conversion rate, since according to data, companies admit that using this application 40% of their customers or prospects respond to their messages.

 3. Helps you sell more

When we talk about selling more, we can say that your goal will be easier to achieve by using WhatsApp in your marketing strategies.

Increasing your sales through this platform will be easier since your customer service will improve and therefore, your customers or prospects will feel more appreciated and valued by your company; these are some figures that support this:

  • 59% of people say that response times are better by this channel than by more traditional ones.
  • 50% of those surveyed per goal say they receive better advice and attention through messaging.
  • Forty-nine percent of people say they prefer this media because the responses are more accurate.
  • Compared to traditional media, more than 58% of the people surveyed by Meta said they prefer to contact companies by message rather than by telephone, while 55% said they prefer this option over sending emails.

4. Reduce your marketing costs

The reason for this benefit is simple: the investment you will have if you start using WhatsApp in your marketing strategy will be less than the amount of money you have lost in your traditional strategies.

Remember that when you prefer WhatsApp, you are ensuring a higher open rate, a better response from your customers and therefore, a better conversion.

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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: How to start?


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How to start your WhatsApp marketing strategy? This is perhaps the most overwhelming point for brands and many think it is something complicated and tedious, but starting is the first and most important step you should take for your company, here we give you a guide that will help you greatly:

Establish your objectives and KPIs

Everything must be measured! And your WhatsApp marketing strategy is no exception. The first thing you should do is establish the objectives and KPIs you want to achieve.

For this step, we recommend you to identify your current shortcomings and how you think they will improve by using this application. Likewise, study your marketing and sales funnel and find those weak points in which you fail with conventional strategies.

With these points in mind, it will be easier to clarify whether you are going to measure conversion, retention, response times or any other data that interests you to reach your goal.

Define your target audience/buyer's persona

At this point most people fail, when you are going to create your WhatsApp bulk marketing strategy it is crucial that you establish from the beginning to whom your efforts will be directed.

Do not forget that according to who your buyer persona is, their consumption habits change; do not fall into the common mistake of shooting to all audiences everything you have, because you will surely fail and lose time and money.

Build specific WhatsApp marketing strategies according to the audience you want to reach in order to obtain better outcomes.

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Build your contact list

Segmentation is your best decision! When we talk about WhatsApp marketing, creating lists is a step that you must take. In order to have these contacts, the best thing you can do is to put forms on your social networks or website. This way, you can segment and choose the buyer persona you want to reach with your plan.

Design your message/approach

At this point you must remember that not all your buyer personas are interested in the same thing and therefore, you will have to create personalized messages and approaches for each segment. This way you can ensure that you are truly capturing the attention of users with information that is valuable to them.

Establish an awesome customer service

If you are going to start your marketing strategy by WhatApp you must guarantee that the response times and the quality of the responses are the best. Do not forget that this form of contact is for some people a little more personal than traditional ones, therefore, you must make the most of the trust they have given you in order to give them value.

Although people prefer companies that have this form of communication, if you have bad customer service via WhatsApp, all your efforts will be wasted.

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WhatsApp Marketing Strategies Examples

The examples we are going to give you in this section will be key for you once you decide to implement WhatsApp in your marketing plan as a key element.

Here, it is important to invite you to know Truconnect, a Truora solution that will help you build customized chatbots for different channels.

Some of the advantages you will have when using Truconnect, will be:

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

These are two examples with which you will better understand how WhatsApp can be very useful in your marketing strategies, together with Truconnect:

1. Trii: is the leading retail investment app in the region, with a mission to facilitate access to investment opportunities.

When Trii started looking to increase their user acquisition, they did it through creative marketing strategies and although they were good at getting users to complete a flow, when they started working with Truora, their pilot campaign was based on trying to recover the users that had abandoned the previously mentioned flow through WhatsApp.

The results were quick to show, and using Truconnect they achieved:

  • A recovery rate of 30%.
  • Successful onboarding flows were 90%.
2. Homie: one of the best known real estate sector startups in Mexico, teamed up with Truora with the objective of simplifying the interaction process.

In this joint work, both tenants and homeowners were able to receive fast and timely information on properties. Thereby, by using Truconnect, Homie ensured to:

  • Providing customer service.
  • Onboarding its users.

In numbers, it achieved a 30% higher conversion rate via WhatsApp than traditional channels such as web and app.

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